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Our History

   The development of the Hibiscus Shed stems from the success of the North Shore Men's Shed opened in 2013 and from the support of the Chairman of The North Shore Men's Shed Trust, an Orewa resident, who recognised that the rapidly-growing Hibiscus Coast demographic could support a new Shed. With support from the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, a public meeting held in May 2015 led to the establishment of the local Trust.

   The Men's Shed movement in NZ developed from a similar organisation originating in Australia, where there are now over 1500 such facilities. The number in NZ is growing rapidly, with 93 already underway or in operation and mostly affiliated to the NZ 'Menzshed' umbrella organisation. The movement has spread throughout the UK, Canada, Denmark and Sweden. These NZ  'Sheds' are all funded by Public, Private, Community and/or Council grants and donations with, in most cases, machinery donated by deceased estates or families down-sizing.

    The Sheds are open to all community members, but primarily target men in retirement many of whom find themselves with surplus time and often having lost 'man space' in downsizing. The Shed will provide a not-for-profit community facility in the form of a workshop to which members can drop in and spend time chatting and working on either personal or community support tasks, using the machinery provided and/or partaking of general camaraderie – often forgone once divorced from a lifetime in the workforce the loss of which can impact on the mental and physical health that workplace human interaction provides.

  The Hibiscus Coast area has a very high 13.3% proportion of males 65-84 (last census) and a further 3.3% on the 60-64 bracket. Given the ratios of membership and attendance in some of the Auckland 'Sheds' our budgets would suggest that we have a potential membership in excess of 200 and accordingly we will try to cater for this number.

  After it's inception the Hibiscus Men’s Shed Trust developed a comprehensive plan and engaged with Hibiscus & Bays Local Board and Auckland Council staff to find a suitable Coast location. The building design and planning team met every two weeks and enabled the Trustees to work through a number of issues, create a Strategic Plan, debate the type of facility to build and receive quotes for its erection and examine potential sites on local Council owned reserves. This culminated in lodging a Community Lease Application on part of the Silverdale Memorial Park which was approved. This also resulted in the lease on the temporary Brightside Road premises.

   Resulting from media coverage in local papers, response from our community has been wonderful with many donations of machinery, hand tools and other miscellaneous equipment for fitting out our shed. 2016 saw us begin to focus on meeting and developing working relationships with other local support organisations through a Community Connections programme whilst we proceeded through the myriad hoops and hurdles necessary to see our shed vision through to reality. The building was designed and has been approved with Resource Consent obtained.

   The Auckland City Council represented by the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board is proving extremely accommodating and helpful in getting this project off the ground.

   Hibiscus Mens Shed Trust is an  Incorporated Society 2628193 and a Registered Charity CC53197.