ABOUT US

  • We are an enthusiastic and very active group of men (women are also welcome), who are working together to establish a new Shed in Silverdale, next door to Bunnings. With Resource Consent and Planning Permission already in place, we have begun fund-raising to get the 450m2 shed erected. Grants have been applied for and more are in the pipeline and we have a substantial fund provided by members.

  • We have over 50 paid-up members and 187 on our mailing list. Use of the Shed is limited to members only, so why not join us now and be part of this exciting new venture? 

  • We have been helped greatly by the New Zealand MENZSHED organisation and Men's Shed North Shore and the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board.

Our Vision:

To provide a venue and amenity giving members the opportunity to practice, share and participate in their many hobbies and related activities and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people in a relaxed, safe environment supporting their lifestyle, mental and physical health and in so doing develop a valuable community facility supported by an active, thriving membership.

Our Mission:

  1. To provide a forum and physical location where members (primarily, but not only men) can regularly assemble to share skills, make friends and network with other members with the primary purpose of supporting and enhancing their personal well-being and health.

  2. To provide a venue for members to meet regularly in a relaxed, happy and creative space and in an environment where members can feel useful and contribute to their community.

  3. To draw on the collective knowledge and skills of the membership in order to support community based projects.

  • The annual membership fee is $100 and the joining fee $50.

  • A membership application form can be downloaded from the link below or from the Shed at Brightside Road

  • Please print the form, fill it in and email to the secretary or bring it along to the Shed.

  • You may pay the subscription by online banking in account number 12-3046-0030217-00.

  • If you pay online please state on the form that you have paid online and make sure to add your name to the appropriate fields in your bank payment so that it is credited to the correct person.

 Our Rules

  1. All members must read and sign the Health and Safety policy prior to working in the Workshop and have a Duty of Care to fellow Sheddies.

  2. Only financial members may use the equipment and they must sign in when arriving and wear name badges.

  3. There must be a minimum of two members (including one supervisor) on site at all times during hours of operation.

  4. Smoking, drug and alcohol consumption are prohibited in the building and on site.

  5. Machinery or equipment must not be operated unless the member is signed off in familiarisation on that particular piece of equipment.

  6. Any damage or accident must be reported to the day supervisor immediately and recorded in incident register.

  7. Safety clothing (eye protection, enclosed footwear etc) must be worn when operating machinery which must be used only in the prescribed hours and areas

  8. Security is your responsibility. The last person leaving must ensure that the building is vacant, locked with the power turned off.

  9. Personal items and material left on site are the members sole responsibility and personal projects must be approved by the daily supervisor and not impact on other members use of space and equipment.

  10. All hand tools must be returned to their place in clean, tidy, usable condition and all work areas swept and clean.

North Shore Men's Shed